Mountain City in the NV state

no image Mountain City is a beautiful city situated in the USA. That city is, obviously, from the charming Elko county, in a well-known NV state. At 5607(feet), in the American measurement system, the aforementioned city is ASL. Naturally, in the European measurement system the elevation is 1709meters. The geographical coordinates are as follows: 41,8385141 of latitude and -115,9653694 of longitude. In the Geographic Names Information System, the city is indexed under the figure of 860665. In the year 2010, the population was around -999.

blachy na elewacje

Wytwórnia Sit ''Sitono'' Krzysztof Nowakowski
ul. Zawodzie 9
62-330 Nekla
Telefon: 61 438 60 69

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